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Our Vision

Kizansh is dedicated to the Technology empowerment to making personal computing accessible to each and every individual so as to help change the way we think, work, learn, and communicate.

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Our Mission

To help customers achieve their business objectives by providing innovative, best-Kiz, To be a responsible value creator for all our stakeholders, We will be Bold and Agile.

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Who we are?

There is no privilege greater than that of serving humanity and I feel honored to say that our company has worked diligently day and night from past two and a half decades to be able to stand where we are now.

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Kizansh Group- About

On August 22, 2016 Mr. Harendra Rautela served the India’s next hooch brand. More than 20 lakhs serving of our liquors are enjoyed in India and five other countries and union territories like Nigeria and Daman and Diu.The Kizansh Group has its distilleries and bottling plants in Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh. We do business the right way, not just the easy way. Learn more about our sustainable and ethical ways of working.

Our people create a culture of inclusion, curiosity and diversity at work and in our communities. Our vision is to create the brands and choice of that people love, to refresh drink. Our system operates through multiple local channels.

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In the Field of Technology Kizansh Technologies is India’s leading Technology & Business Service Providers.

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Kizansh Electro's

Kizansh Electro's On the threshold of greater expansion into a diverse range of products in power & energy.

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Kizansh Entertainments

It has consistently pushed boundaries across the spectrum, creating and producing entertaining content and engaging audience worldwide

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We are very proud of our achievements and the hard work of a lot of people connected with the clubs has also led to on-field success.

Our Services & Product

At Kizansh Group, we are a team of true alcohol lover who share a very common aspiration which is to make Kizansh one of the freshest and loved consumer brand in India and we are also a water manufacturing company who is dealing in corporate sector.

Kizansh group provides you with Bijnor's special Whisky in two different types of flavors with natural ingredients.We work on proactively envisioned multimedia-based expert and cross-media growth strategies. Our focus is on quality intellectual capital without superior collaboration and idea-sharing.

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Kizansh Spirits Setup by first-generation of entrepreneurs, KSPL has benefited from our nationalist approach rich experience of being in wholesale & retail in the region and vision of being a completely Indian setup in a sector dominated by foreign brands.

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Kizansh, with its wealthy skill & rich experience in F&B industry has now ventured into the water industry through launching Black-52 & Aqua Mount Water to provide people an ultimate satisfactory Product as 70% of the diseases are triggered due to adulterated water.

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Kizansh Resorts & Restaurants is the largest Restaurant Chains for Indian Food, European Food, Latin and African food in the World. With this distinguished track record and expertise in the F&B segment, Kizansh Resorts & Restaurants has launched its own brand a world class North Indian Restaurants chain and plans to take it in Africa. Kizansh offers authentic North Indian food in a Gen-X ambience.

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Kizansh Entertainments has consistently pushed boundaries across the spectrum, creating and producing entertaining content and engaging audience worldwide through a vast variety of different platforms. Our company mission is always be to deliver world-class, ground-breaking stories through quality, innovation, and detail, that touch lives across the globe.

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The KIZANSH Group has dipped its feet in many fields and made huge profits. Some of the biggest Distilleries and Plants under Kizansh Group produces, world’s best beer and Whisky, also the Management is pretty much into active engineering and process of finest production. We are also passionate about finding new opportunities in India and global Market.

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  • Harender Rautela
    Managing Director (M.D.)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Single Malt Whisky.
Grain Whisky.
Blended Whisky.

Liquor is a great alternative investment asset, just like gold, wine, and real estate. Liquor can preserve and even increase in value during economic instabilities, inflationary periods, and recessions

Kizansh group is provide 17% to 22 % margin as per segment.

Yes, kizansh is providing liquor licence to there distributores as well as State partners.


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