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Press Release

APRIL 04, 2023

Kizansh Group has started the large production of their Premium and classic brand whisky.

Kizansh Group is a manufacturing company based in Uttar Pradesh. It is famous for its Black 52 classic whisky and Table Reserve premium whisky which is made with Indian grains as well as imported malts for an international-like flavours.

Kizansh Group is one of the most in-demand liquor brands in Indian states and Union Territories which is famous for its IMFL category brands. Kizansh produces international-like whiskies with a hint of Indian selective grains and flavours. Kizansh's first and unique product Black 52 classic whisky is highly demanded in India as well as other countries. They started the production with a maximum capacity of 14.4 million bulk litres per annum of liquor, which has now gone up to 35 million litres. The journey started from Uttar Pradesh and now we are present in more than 20 plus of states in India.
They focused on the Indian consumer needs to provide the finest and freshest liquor brands with exotic tastes. Kizansh, on 22 August 2016 from Noida, Uttar Pradesh, with a group of distilleries and bottling units, made a huge amount of profit and had the opportunity to manufacture at a large scale. After last year’s success, Kizansh Group is also planning to begin manufacturing of Black 52 and Table Reserve whisky production from Goa.
The organization has also started a brand-new production of distilleries and bottling plants in Goa and Punjab.
Mr. Harender Rautela is the founder and owner of Kizansh Group and also the brain behind it. Currently, Kizansh Group serves more than 20 lakhs of liquor in the Indian market with repeat orders and good customer retention rate.

According to present data, Kizansh Group is serving 20+ states in India:
  • Kizansh's first liquor unit in Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh.
  • With a 15 million liters bulk capacity of liquor whiskey.
  • Kizansh increased the capacity from 28.8 million bulk liters to 70 million bulk liters, per annum.
  • Black-52 and Table Reserve are demanding a large amount of liquor in Union Territories.
  • Kizansh started the new production of BEER in GOA is coming soon.
  • Kizansh serving their bottling services for the last seven years, they started with water

Black 52 is quite a popular whisky that has its production in Jharkhand, Dera Bassi and Goa, and is distributed all over India as well as overseas markets. Black 52 whisky is highly in the demand in the overseas market.

The company has many Indian single-malt whiskies with international taste and a master blender with smooth combinations made with especially imported malts along with the finest Indian grains. Our Premium whisky is made with Scottish Malts and selected Indian Grains. Their products are mainly famous for their premium quality and rich blend. In the current market, Black 52 whisky is highly in demand after continuous repeat orders from consumers. Black 52 and Table Reserve are the most precious products of Kizansh Group. However, there is distinguishable differences between their tastes and flavours.

Black 52 is classic whisky with a touch of the traditional taste of Indian flavours. This is one of the most loved spirits in India produced by grains which are usually wheat, buckwheat, corn, rye, barley and other mixed Indian grains. As for the taste is concerned, you get a traditional touch of whisky and a smooth combination of flavours.

Another premium brand by Kizansh is Table Reserve. It is in the most expensive segment of whiskies in the market. Because of this reason, imported Scottish malt is used in this segment. Kizansh mainly uses, in the production of Table Reserve, a combination of foreign-based ingredients with Indian single malt, which is outstanding in richness with an enormous barley-oak sweetness and light colour.

Table Reserve whisky comes with outstanding taste and richness which makes the product expensive and the packing is done with high quality material. It has got a great touch of authenticity giving you the wonderful layers of oak offering a variation of a sweet and dry theme. Which is available in Pan India market while serving overseas as well. As per the demand in other countries, they are also starting the manufacturing of a larger number of spirits and packaging.

We have our first Indian single-malt whiskey with an international taste and a master blender with a smooth combination. Especially Imported from Foreign along with Finest Indian Grains. Our Premium whiskey is made with Scottish Malts and selected Indian Grains. Our product is mainly famous for its premium brands. In the current market, Black-52 whiskey is highly in demand even though consumers often repeat their orders continuously essential. Black-52 and Table reserve is the most precious brand of the Kizansh Group but it's little a few differences between Black-52 and Table reserve's taste and flavors.

Black-52 is Classic whiskey is always touched the traditional taste of Indian Whiskey flavor. This is one of the youngest spirits in India and is also produced by all grains which are usually wheat, buckwheat, corn, and rye. barley and other mixed Indian Grains. In this taste, you get a traditional touch of whiskey and a smooth combination of flavors. In the Kizansh Premium brand, Table Reserve is in the most expensive segment of whiskey in the market. Because of this reason, International Scottish Malt is used in the premium segments. Kizansh mainly uses in Table Reserve production with a foreign-based process with Indian Single Malt, which is outstanding in richness and an enormous barley-oak sweetness with light color. Table Reserve whiskey comes with outstanding taste and richness which makes the product expensive and the packing is done with high quality and gets great touch giving you the wonderful layered of Oak offering a variation of a sweet dry theme. Which is available in the Market in Pan India and also, we serving in Overseas as well. As per the demand in other countries, we are also starting the contribution in the manufacturing of a large number of spirits and packing.

October 10, 2023

K24 Bharat launched by Kizansh Group

Technology has penetrated deep into our lives. With the world becoming more and more digital, it has invaded every industry and established a digital presence. Technology has strongly immersed into news and publication media and significantly affected the way we receive information. What used to be a piece of paper carrying all sorts of information has now transformed into a completely digitized platform.

Many of us start our day with a newspaper. A cup of coffee or tea in one hand and a newspaper in the other is what we all love to begin our day with. As the world is becoming more digital, newspapers have digitized too.

K24 Bharat by Kizansh Group is a drive in a similar course to keep its readers informed with the latest coverages from around the globe. A streak of true stories, unbiased public opinion and real-life narratives, K24 Bharat brings to you the latest updates. Catch up with present-day news coverage, political commentary, sports, art and entertainment, expert opinions, gossip, health, lifestyle, editorial content and other regular stories on K24 Bharat. You also get access to live reporting, 24 TV and radio, web shows and the 24 News Store.

From breaking news to top headlines, they’ve got it all covered under one roof. The recently launched news platform is a perfect forum for Hindi and English-speaking audiences for reliable news. The firm believes that public strain to stay credible and unprejudiced will urge news sources to further develop their announcing norms and turn away from pushing narratives allowing more space for crowds to have an independent perspective.

A platform for an all-inclusive news is the motivation behind the idea of K24 Bharat, says Kizansh Group. News that wrap around everything happening inside a country and outside it, is the idea. A range of concepts that largely include national and international updates, sports reporting, live bulletin, healthcare, lifestyle, travel, opinions, feature stories, polity, science, podcast, economy and many more.

Get readers’ comments and reviews, instant service, interest-based news for the reader, updates on live events, 24x7 updated bulletin, diversity of news and cost effective advertising solutions are some of the prominent features of the newly launched news forum.

“Sleep late, have fun, get wild, drink whiskey, and drive fast on empty streets with nothing in mind but falling in love and not getting arrested.”
Hunter S. Thompson
October 03, 2023

Black 52 Classic Whisky Production Started in Goa by Kizansh Group

In India’s beverage business, Kizansh Group is a fairly well-known brand. They have made many superior quality liquor namely, Captain’s Burg beer, Table Reserve premium whisky, J Brown XXX rum, and Black 52 classic whisky.

With the first and foremost manufacturing plant in Uttar Pradesh, Kizansh Group has exhibited phenomenal growth and exponential success ever since. The company recently inaugurated a plant in Goa. The foundation for the Goa plant unit was initially put forth in 2022 by Kizansh Group. As the plan of action was carried forward, the manufacturing unit was later registered in the year 2022-2023.

Since the setup of the plant, the business has been extremely profitable. The Goa industrial unit focuses on the manufacturing of Black 52 classic whisky only. The approach is to popularize the brand and make it a big hit. Also, opening a branch office in Goa has assisted in expanding the business. This indicates that the reach of Black 52 whisky has widened while increasing the consumer platform of the drink.

The newly set up plant engages about 40 to 50 employees. Nearly 250 to 300 stores are being served with Black 52 classic whisky and there have also been repeat orders. Customer retention has been reported pretty well indicating the admirable work and immense success of the plant as well as the product in Goa. Black 52 whisky has been one of the most consumed and requested spirits in Goa. A crowd-puller in itself, this exclusive brand is much like a masterstroke of Kizansh Spirits in the spirit beverage industry in Goa and nationwide. The production in distilleries started in Goa with a capacity of 28.8 million bulk litres and increased up to 70 million bulk litres per annum. This positive response has inspired Kizansh Group to go over and above to achieve success in Goa.

Black 52 whisky is a high-quality blend of Indian grains and imported malts. Ever since the launching of the premium edition classic whisky, the working of the Goa manufacturing unit has been smooth and very cumulative. An estimated fifty employees are working in the manufacturing plant.

The cause of extending a new branch in Goa is healthy for business growth. Opening a branch office in another city escalates the potential to increase profits and revenue. There is also a natural tendency to grow larger.

Black 52 is one of the most premium whiskies among other high-end top-tier whisky brands. At present, Kizansh Group is serving more than two hundred local stores with Black 52 classic whisky to which the brand is receiving surprising feedback from consumers as well as suppliers. This reflects the outstanding outcome of the manufacturing production unit in Goa.

Sept 25x, 2023

Kizansh Group at 11th edition Young Uttarakhand Cine Awards 2023

The 11th edition of Young Uttarakhand Cine Awards (YUCA) 2023 was held at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium on 30th September. It was a day to celebrate the continuous and dedicated efforts put in by everyone to make Uttarakhand and its community what it is known for. The event commemorated the culture of Uttarakhand, its people, the community, the art and the legacy it stands on. The occasion also marked the golden years of the hill state and its presence in the entertainment industry.

Kizansh Group was the key partner of the event with IJA Foundation Trust, GAIL, Nectar Phytochems and ONGC. The managing director of Kizansh Group, Harender Rautela, was invited as a chief guest to attend the celebratory occasion.

YUCA 2023 featured more than 200 songs, 5 feature films and 10 short films from Uttarakhand. The event also celebrated many talented artists including RJ Kaavya from Oho Radio, Rakesh Khanwal Uttarakhandi, Jashpal Sharma, Ruhaan Bhardwaj along with the prominent female voices of Uttarakhand Maya Upadhyay, Neha Khankriyal, Anuradha Nirmala and Karishma Shah and Chitranshi Rawat and Shweta Mahara.

Young Uttarakhand Cine Awards (YUCA) was an evening to encourage talent and promote music and cinema.

““The water was not fit to drink. To make it palatable, we had to add whisky. By diligent effort, I learned to like it.””
Winston Churchill

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