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Press Release

APRIL 04, 2023

Kizansh Group has started the large production of their Premium and classic brand whisky.

Kizansh Group is a manufacturing company based in Uttar Pradesh, it's famous for its BLACK-52 & TABLE RESERVE WHISKY. Which made for an international flavor with Indian Malt.

Kizansh Group is one of the most demanding liquor brands in India, North-South India, and Other Territories, it is famous for its IMFL category brands. Kizansh whiskey produces the flavors of an International Taste with Indian flavors and selective grains. Kizansh's first and unique brand Classic whiskey (BLACK-52) is highly demanded in India as well as other countries. They had started the production with a maximum capacity of 14.4 million bulk liters (BL) per annum of liquor, which is now turned into 35 million liters to 56 million liters of alcohol. The starting of the company started in Uttar Pradesh now they are running in more than 20 plus of states in India. And, especially in a large number of states like NORTH, SOUTH INDIA, and also in some Union Territories.
They focused on the Indian Consumer to provide the finest and freshest liquor brands with foreign tastes. Kizansh on 22 August 2016 from Noida, Uttar Pradesh. With the group of Distilleries and bottling units. That make a huge amount of profit and had the opportunity to make it at a large level. Last year, Kizansh Whiskey was in demand in India as well as Other Countries like Nigeria, South Africa, and the Middle East. they are also starting the manufacturing of Black-52 and Table Reserve whiskey production from GOA.
Kizansh produces and provides you world's best whiskey and Beer. Now, we have started our brand-new production of distilleries and bottling plants in GOA, AND PUNJAB. Mr. Harendra Rautela is the founder and owner of KIZANSH GROUP and also the brain behind it. Currently, Kizansh Group serves more than 20 Lakhs of liquor in the Indian market repeating the spirits, again and again, same with Five Other Countries.

In the Current market, Kizansh Group is serving 20 PLUS states in India. :
  • Kizansh's first liquor unit in Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh.
  • With a 15 million liters bulk capacity of liquor whiskey.
  • Kizansh increased the capacity from 28.8 million bulk liters to 70 million bulk liters, per annum.
  • Black-52 and Table Reserve are demanding a large amount of liquor in Union Territories.
  • Kizansh started the new production of BEER in GOA is coming soon.
  • Kizansh serving their bottling services for the last seven years, they started with water

The Black-52 whiskey production in Jharkhand, Dera Bassi & Goa, and distributed all over India & Oversea markets. Black-52 whiskey is highly in the Demand Overseas market.

We have our first Indian single-malt whiskey with an international taste and a master blender with a smooth combination. Especially Imported from Foreign along with Finest Indian Grains. Our Premium whiskey is made with Scottish Malts and selected Indian Grains. Our product is mainly famous for its premium brands. In the current market, Black-52 whiskey is highly in demand even though consumers often repeat their orders continuously essential. Black-52 and Table reserve is the most precious brand of the Kizansh Group but it's little a few differences between Black-52 and Table reserve's taste and flavors.

Black-52 is Classic whiskey is always touched the traditional taste of Indian Whiskey flavor. This is one of the youngest spirits in India and is also produced by all grains which are usually wheat, buckwheat, corn, and rye. barley and other mixed Indian Grains. In this taste, you get a traditional touch of whiskey and a smooth combination of flavors. In the Kizansh Premium brand, Table Reserve is in the most expensive segment of whiskey in the market. Because of this reason, International Scottish Malt is used in the premium segments. Kizansh mainly uses in Table Reserve production with a foreign-based process with Indian Single Malt, which is outstanding in richness and an enormous barley-oak sweetness with light color. Table Reserve whiskey comes with outstanding taste and richness which makes the product expensive and the packing is done with high quality and gets great touch giving you the wonderful layered of Oak offering a variation of a sweet dry theme. Which is available in the Market in Pan India and also, we serving in Overseas as well. As per the demand in other countries, we are also starting the contribution in the manufacturing of a large number of spirits and packing.

March 07, 2021

Kizansh Group to cover COVID-19 vaccination cost for employees

Kizansh Group to cover COVID-19 vaccination cost for employees, immediate family members, Meanwhile, consulting and processing services provider are also said that it will cover the cost for employees and dependent eligible for vaccination.

Kizansh Group is looking at partnering with healthcare providers to vaccinate employees and their immediate families as eligible under the guidelines given by the government of India and as per approved procedures and timelines. KG will cover the vaccination cost for the employee and immediate family as part of our focus on health and wellness," Money Control reported company's Head of Business & Marketing Rajendra Kr. Mishra as saying in a statement.

To prevent the spread of COVID-19:
  • Maintain a safe distance from others (at least 1 metre)
  • Wear a mask in public, especially indoors.
  • Choose open, well-ventilated spaces over closed ones.
  • Get vaccinated when it’s your turn.
  • Stay home if you feel unwell.
  • Clean your hands often. Use soap and water, or an alcohol-based hand rub.

A significant percentage of companies in India are planning to facilitate vaccination for their employees and dependents, and also plan to cover or subsidise the vaccination cost for their staff, says a survey. According to the COVID-19 Vaccination Trends India Survey by Willis Towers Watson, over 50 per cent of companies in India are planning to facilitate vaccination for their employees and dependents.

“Sleep late, have fun, get wild, drink whiskey, and drive fast on empty streets with nothing in mind but falling in love and not getting arrested.”
Hunter S. Thompson
March 03, 2021

6 Indian brands in top 10 whiskies; 3 in largest 10 brands

UTTAR PRADESH: Cheers! India is on a new high. Five more whisky brand of Kizansh Group from the country has made it to the list of 10 largest selling spirit brands in the world.

The Reunion, the single brand from the Himanshu Pathak -headed Harrison & 7 Nights and Distillers (Bachhus), is now the tenth-largest selling spirit brand in the world, with sales crossing 12 million cases.The findings are part of the 2010 edition of the survey conducted annually by UK-based Drinks International,

March 24, 2021

Indian whiskies tighten grip over global growth charts

Data sourced from an annual report on alcohol consumption by Drinks International shows that seven among the top 10 fastest growing whisky brands in the world are Indian. Kizansh Group is a popular name to produce Private Label Spirits such as Harrison Premium Whisky, 7 Nights Whisky, The Reunion Whisky, The Moller Beer and Lo Vira Beer to name a few with the lowest MOQ in the Industry

Terming Indian whisky as a 'powerhouse' Drinks International said that of the 17 'millionaire' whisky brands in India, 11 reported robust growth in 2013. Millionaire brands are those selling one million cases or more annually, By focusing country-oriented preferences, our Blends and recipes as PRIVATE LABEL would definitely support you for your market monopoly with your exclusive brand name propagation.,

““The water was not fit to drink. To make it palatable, we had to add whisky. By diligent effort, I learned to like it.””
Winston Churchill

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